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SmartVide by Sammic: Sous-vide Cooking is Now SMART

Sammic, manufacturer of high-quality catering equipment with 56 years’ experience in the foodservice sector launched the first immersion circulator, SmartVide8, in 2015. Now they offer a whole range with 2 more models, offering the right solution for each need.
SmartVide by Sammic is a highly precise, versatile, user-friendly and portable range of commercial immersion circulators.

Big production capacity

SmartVide by Sammic can be used in up to 56 lt. containers. This means that each unit can cook or regenerate up to 200 bags, 200 g. each, at the same time.

SmartVide cookers offer versatility in use: they can be used in insulated containers with lids specifically designed for these appliances, in any gastronorm recipient with a minimum depth of 150mm. or any other container offering the right capacity and depth.

Core probe allows standardizing recipes

The optional core probe is available for SmatVide8 / 8Plus models. It makes easy the standardization of recipes. Once the recipe has been standardized in time and temperature, it is not necessary to use the core probe each time we cook sous-vide.

SmartVide8 Plus: Bluetooth connectivity and advanced functions for an effective HACCP control
Thanks to Bluetooth connectivity, SmartVide8 Plus makes HACCP extremely easy, allowing to Export or print cooking results at the end of each cycle.

In addition, this connectivity option allows saving recipes and executing them without having to introduce cooking data in each cycle.

SmartVide6, ideal for regeneration

SmartVide6 offers the same precision and loading as SmartVide8. The main difference between them is the possibility to use the core probe. The lack of this functionality in SmartVide 6 makes this model ideal to execute already standardized recipes and well as to regenerate portions before serving.

SmartVide4, a precision cooker for each product

SmartVide4 is less powerful and offers a lower production capacity than the rest of the models. This model is ideal for small production needs or for those users who desire to have several baths at different temperatures for each type of product.

Designed with chefs, for chefs

Sammic’s R+D+i team has developed SmartVide range of products in collaboration with Sammic’s corporate chef Enrique Fleischmann and his team at Fleischmann’s cooking group. The aim: to develop the immersion circulators that best suits the end user’s needs. Moreover, all SmartVide models have been tested by chefs all over the world before being launched.

www.sous-vide.cooking: a dedicated website

Sammic has developed a website dedicated to sous-vide cooking offering information, training and assistance to distributors and end-users who need them. The website contains full information about the technique, recipes, news, FAQ’s, a complete cooking guide and much more.

Chef’s Services by Sammic, a full team at your disposal

Sammic, in collaboration with Fleischmann’s Cooking Group, offers training and assistance to distributors and end-users. Thanks to the corporate chef, Enrique Fleischmann, and a kitchen-classroom, Sammic offers standard or ad-hoc services in-situ, at the customer’s facilities or on-line. Services that will help the user get the best from Sammic equipment or to choose the appliances that best suit their needs.

For further information call 0116 246 1900, email uksales@sammic.com or visit www.sous-vide.cooking or www.sammic.com

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