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Sprowts Profitability Monitor

Sprowts is the weekly Profitability monitor that supports you in maximising what you get out of your business.

This is what some of our existing customers say about Sprowts ’10 Year Proven’ service to Hospitality businesses …

M.H. “Before using Sprowts I literally had no idea how the business was performing, or how, or what, needed improving.”

K.O. “After ten years owning this business, only now that I have Sprowts do I feel that I really know what is happening.”

N.W. “My business was losing money and I had no idea why, or how to turn that round. Sprowts achieved that for me.”

N.T.P. “We were ”busy fools”, thinking we were making realistic profit margins. Only now, with Sprowts, is that true.”

Anon “I had no idea that so much was being stolen from us. Sprowts enabled us to identify and resolve that.”

I.J. “Most important for me with Sprowts is making sure that the Wages stay ”in line” and don’t get out of control.”

N.O. “I run multiple Restaurant and Pub businesses. Sprowts ensures that I am able to keep on top of all of them.”

D.E. “Our hotels are not our core business, and Sprowts has enabled us to keep the focus on them as well.”

P.P. “As a Chef, being told every week how the Food GP% looks, is immensely beneficial to achieving my targets.”

B.H. “Weekly figures are fabulous … being able to speak to someone and get necessary guidance is what works for me.”

HdChef “We do the cooking, and we create exceptional dishes. Sprowts ensures that we achieve the Food GP%s as well.”

GenMgr “Having the weekly Sprowts figres helps me, as a GM, to manage the business more effectviely.”

BarsMgr “Running bars can be very hard, unless, as with Sprowts, you know where you are with pricing and GP%s all the time.”

Everyone working with us at Sprowts has at some stage worked in a business benefiting from Sprowts … how cool is that!

Fancy a chat to see if YOU too could benefit from Sprowts?

Call David Hunter on 0116 263 3189

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