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Start Saving Time and Money with LineClenze

WITH LINECLENZE we can help you identify how much product you are wasting, how much money LineClenze can save you and how quickly you can see a return on your investment. The results may surprise you.

We spoke with David Coe at The Holiday Inn, Telford and asked him how satisfied he has been with LineClenze both as a product and as a money saving device. David told us, “The time it saves is the most important aspect, from 3 hour cleaning periods every Monday afternoon – the cost saving means we will pay it back within the year. Very good.”

LineClenze helps to save costs by reducing any risk to health when performing line cleaning as well as offering a fresh taste to the beer. We help to reduce the amount of beer that is wasted from rigorous, frequent cleans and in turn reduce the amount of time spent by staff cleaning. David has been working in the industry for over 20 years and said, “It would have been amazing if this product was around then. LineClenze as a company, the support is second to- none. Offering a trial period just to see if it works is great.”

The extended time between cleaning the beer lines saves time and money by:
• Saving on ullage, up to 75%
• Saving water
• Saving time/labour
• Saving cleaning materials
• Extending the working life of the beer line
• And, the quality of the beer is maintained
• Environmentally Friendly.

For example, if there are 10 product lines, with a 3 pint pull each, 30 pints are lost with each clean, every week. If a pint is approx £3.50, that is £105 a week lost.

By increasing the time between cleaning, that saves £105 a week, so 3 weeks saves £315.00, then clean on the 4th week. Annually this is a saving of £4095. For a chain of 6 inns, that would represent an annual saving of £24,570
Telephone: 0800 170 1564, visit www.lineclenze.com

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