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Summer Salads, Naked Burgers And Booze Bans: The Eating Out ‘Hacks’ Of Body Conscious Brits Revealed

  • saladA third of Brits (33 per cent) are currently on a diet
  • 35 per cent of Brits make healthier choices when dining out to help their ‘beach body’
  • 30 per cent of Brits visit restaurants as a “cheat day treat” regardless of their diet

The trend for healthy eating has made its mark on the British public with over 21 million Brits currently dieting ahead of the holidays and one in three (35 per cent) admitting to being more conscious about what they order when dining out during summer to boost their ‘beach body’.

New research revealed today by Europe’s largest restaurant booking platform Bookatable, as part of its Quarterly Dining Trends report, found that women are far more likely to be watching what they eat with 42 per cent following a diet at this time of year, compared to 25 per cent of men. 15 per cent of Brits are on calorie controlled diets, whilst the remaining dieters are following eating regimes including vegetarian, flexitarian, paleo and the 5:2 diet.



Avoid rich or heavy food 36%
Skip an additional course e.g. starter or dessert 28%
Drink water instead of alcohol 23%
Avoid bread from bread basket 23%
Swap chips for salad or vegetables 18%
Order minus sauces or dressings 17%
Swap chips for sweet potato chips 11%
Opt for ‘naked’ burger (no bun) 8%


Whilst over a third (37 per cent) of Brits order and eat what they want from the restaurant menu all year round, the research revealed body conscious Brits opt for a series of ‘meal hacks’ when watching what they eat.  36 per cent of those surveyed dodge rich or heavy foods when eating out to avoid putting on weight, while a fifth (23 per cent) will order a starter as a main course, share a dish or order a smaller portion.


When it comes to eating out, over a quarter of Brits stand firm with 28 per cent refusing to “cheat” by ordering unhealthy foods which go against their diet. With 15 per cent admitting to ordering “off menu” to substitute ingredients to ensure they are eating healthier meals, Brits are adept at menu ‘hacks’ to make their meals healthier. Top hacks include avoiding bread from the bread basket (23 per cent), dodging sauces or dressing (18 per cent), drinking water over alcohol to save on calories (23 per cent), opting for a ‘naked’ burger (8 per cent) and swapping regular chips for the sweet potato variety (11 per cent).


Bookatable’s research has found that although keen to stay healthy, Brits love to dine out in summer months to make the most of the longer, sunnier days (25 per cent) and outdoor dining areas (28 per cent). The summer special menus created by many restaurants are a draw for a quarter of Brits (25 per cent), with many (25 per cent) preferring to spend time with friends in restaurants over the summer months.


However according to the findings, over a quarter of Brits (27 per cent) choose to visit a restaurant based on how healthy they think the menu is if they are watching what they eat before a holiday.

Kyle Creamer, Marketing Manager at Ethos restaurant, commented: “We have noticed a growing trend for our guests to choose lighter summer bites and forego heavier, richer foods in the summer months. At Ethos we know that our guests are looking for dishes made with fresh, seasonal produce that makes them feel good – especially with holidays abroad on the horizon for many people. Our number one priority is ensuring our diners’ enjoyment and we are happy to work to meet all dietary requirements serving vegetarian, vegan and gluten free dishes. We also work with diners who choose to order “off menu” or request ingredient substitutions where possible.”

Health conscious Brits looking to order lean options when dining out choose salads (65 per cent), fish dishes (52 per cent), vegetarian meals (30 per cent) and sushi (13 per cent) while one in ten will go carb-free or opt for raw foods (12 per cent).


Joe Steele, CEO of Bookatable, commented: “As the prospect of a summer holiday gets nearer for many Brits, it is interesting to see how many of us are keen to be as healthy as possible before our trips abroad. Many Brits are making healthier choices when they dine out in restaurants, a trend which the restaurant industry is supporting by the introduction of fresh and exciting summer menus.”


For more information and to book, visit www.bookatable.co.uk

Based on estimated population of UK from Office of National Statistics http://bit.ly/28IITPF

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