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Sun Protection In A Practical Double-Pack

Anyone who has a large terrace requires plenty of shade. Awnings are useful in such instances. However, it is not always possible to install them on any façade without a problem. The awning specialist markilux offers an alternative with its pergola, a mix between award-winning conservatory awning and slender round posts attached to the ground, providing support and thus reducing the load on the façade.

The markilux pergola scores points by providing even more shade. It is available in a double-pack with a second vertical awning in the front profile. It can be lowered downwards to provide additional protection from blinding sun, light wind and prying eyes. This makes your stay outside even more comfortable, particularly as you can savour the warmth of the day a little longer thanks to the additional awning. A single pergola can shade up to 30 square metres from too much sun and light. It is also available with a telescopic support post to ensure safe water drainage in case of light rain.

A broad range of opaque, slightly transparent or heat-regulating sun protection fabrics accentuate the modern chic of the pergola.

For additional information please go to: www.markilux.com.

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