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Table Tracker Basic Self-Install Released for Just £2795.00

LRS UK has developed a sub-version of the Table Tracker system, the world’s best and most accurate table tracking solution. Until recently, the only real option was table tracker pro but that while exceptionally good usually carries a high cost.

Now LRS UK has released table tracker basic self-install, a low-cost solution that can change how all fast-casual and pizzeria restaurants work forever. Being able to increase efficiencies, reduce wait times and importantly increase table turns is critical in today’s economic climate and table tracker solutions can make that happen.

When a customer has ordered, the staff hand a ‘tracker’ unit to the customer. The customer chooses a table and place the tracker on the table. Immediately the tracker system knows EXACTLY where the customer is seated. As soon as the food is ready, the runner will take the food to the exact table and then ‘clear’ the tracker off the system with a provided device they keep in their pocket it’s that easy. The time is pin point accurate.

But there is much more to table tracker than just knowing where customers are seated. Each and every step can be collected either on the tracker system, or with internet connectivity on LRS servers. The data can be freely downloaded and analysed on or off line. This gives management a major advantage of getting key metrics that they can use to either change the operation of the business procedures or to use to make informed decisions about resources or even kitchen equipment.

Table Tracker basic ‘self-install is available at just £2795.00 plus VAT and LRS UK will be showing table tracker basic self-install at the restaurant live show at Excel in London on the 26th and 27th September along with other brand-new innovations for fast casual restaurants.

More info is available at WWW.LRSUK.CO.UK/TTBASIC.HTM or call 01782 537000.

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