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The Cutlery Polisher Company

We have organically grown our business with the provision of quality catering equipment and outstanding after sales support. Thousands have been sold to various catering establishments throughout the UK and wider markets, including JD Wetherspoons, Shangri-La, Greene King, Mitchells and Butlers and many more.

Hand polishing is time consuming with variable results and if you are a busy site, your cutlery is likely to be polished poorly in order to get the job done quickly so staff can move on to more important tasks, such as taking and placing drink orders.

Our machine removes all watermarks and produces a consistently high sheen on every single piece that it put through the polisher, even after it has been polishing for six hours straight.

There will be a noticeable reduction in labour costs and it frees up your waiting staff, and eliminates cross contamination, reduces laundry costs, provides a much faster turnaround and kills bacteria as well as saving time and money.

We always insist on our customers having a trial prior to buying, during the free trial you will be able to grasp an idea of how much you can save. Current clients report of savings over £80.00 per week, every week.

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