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The Elite Hog Roaster

Chef-Behind-Roaster-No-BG-MThe Elite Hog Roaster is designed to boost profits for publicans with its flexibility.

The Elite can accommodate a hog up to 90 kilos, feeding up to 300 people in one serving and combined with the conversion kit this keeps the meat warm and succulent for hours, ideal for that lazy sunny afternoon in the beer garden.

The added attraction of the Elite is its ability to BBQ while the Hog is cooking enabling the operator to maximise profits and show good returns from this universal piece of outdoor catering equipment.

Additional bolt-on accessories also offer the publican the option of cooking up to 75 jacket potatoes while the pig is cooking or by using the poultry rack this offers 40 x 3.5lb birds cooked to perfection in around 2 hours 20 minutes providing 80 meals.

The propane gas-fired cooker delivers golden and crispy crackling every time without the need for any additives.

A self-contained trailer is also available large enough to take all the equipment needed for a successful function.

Full training and support is offered by the company and the whole package is perfect for business start-ups and well as more experienced roasters.

Call Steve Cullum on 07807 067 248 For more information or email:sales@spitroast1.com or visit www.spitroast1.com

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