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The FSM Sector Is ‘Sizzling With Success’ Says The British Hospitality Association

The Food & Service Management (FSM) sector has doubled its turnover since 1993, says a new FSM Report from the British Hospitality Association, making it one of the most economically and socially relevant industries in the UK. What’s more, the industry is led by both men and women, with 89% of FSM members having at least one woman on their Board, with many far exceeding the FTSE 100 goal of 25% female Board members by 2015.

  • UK FSM market is worth over £4.25bn in turnover – doubling in size between 1993-2013
  • 80% of companies saw their net revenues increase last year
  • 44% of BHA’s FSM member companies are led by women
  • FSM sector employs nearly 132,000 people
  • It is an industry that employs a high percentage of young people – 41% of new employees employed in 2013 were aged 30 and under
  • FSM companies operate across 14,429 outlets


The Report showcases a three-dimensional overview of the FSM sector and unveils how today it is a highly competitive, mature industry employing nearly 132,000 people and generating over £4.25 billion in turnover in the UK, as well as offering self branded enterprises to rival the High Street.

Ufi Ibrahim, CEO of the British Hospitality Association said: “The causes which most matter to the hospitality community are the backbone of our work, and the FSM report showcases that this flourishing UK sector is promoting healthy lifestyles, providing healthy food, security, organisation and business support across UK companies. The Report provides a picture of one of the most economically and socially relevant industries in the UK today.”

The FSM Report unveils how FSM companies play a part in the efficient running of many of the UK’s major companies, organisations, government bodies and communities, involved in a vast range of issues which affect the UK economy, spanning job creation, influencing legislation, regulations and corporate and social responsibility issues. It showcases how they impact both public and private sector organisations and affect employees of all ages, from 16 to 60+, with food and service management companies like Sodexo, Elior, CH&Co, BaxterStorey, Lexington Catering, bartlett mitchell, and Vacherin all helping to turn the wheels of UK business and industry, impacting on UK communities and oiling the cogs of British commerce.

As well as doubling in size, in the past 20 years the FSM sector has increasingly broadened its range of services to clients across commerce and communities. Whilst catering is still at the heart of food and services management, the business has also evolved to become today’s diverse multiple services sector where catering is one of hundreds of different services provided – from reception to print management, cleaning to grounds maintenance and engineering.

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