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The Hospitality Business Mentor from The Bowden Group

David Hunter is the Hospitality Business Mentor – he works with owners and investors in hotels, restaurants and catering businesses.

Ensuring the business performs and makes the required profit, is what David does, and he does this by:

1. Setting realistic targets for the business, and creating budgets and forecasts

2. Monitoring Sales, Gross Margins and Labour costs very closely

3. Mentoring the owners and/or managers of the business to help them achieve their objectives

Other areas that David advises on include:

• Marketing – general and specific (ie promotions etc)

• Human Resources (HR) – including all the legislation, and disciplinary positions.

• Reward and Bonus schemes – always linked to achievement of objectives

• Customer Service – including Hospitality skills training

Do contact David for an informal chat, or make an appointment to meet with him.

Call David direct on: Mobile 07831 407984 or by email on davidhunter@bowdengroup.co.uk

Visit the website at www.bowdengroup.co.uk or the Blogsite at www.hunterbowden.co.uk

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