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The Merrychef E2S Oven

The new Merrychef E2S from the High Speed Oven Company is ideal for caterers who are restricted on space yet still have high demands. 

Cooking up to x12 faster than conventional ovens yet measuring just 350mm wide the Merrychef E2S can cook great food for any day part. At breakfast, a tray of bacon can be cooked in 2 minutes; lunch, a toasted sandwich or a portion of fries in under 90 seconds. For evening service burgers or 12” pizzas can be cooked in under 2 minutes.

With a built in catalytic converter the oven removes smoke and smells, eliminating the need to be placed under extraction. This is particularly useful for placing the oven front of house. The oven is available in a range of colours – classic silver, matt black or ’trend red’.
“We really love the E2S. They are very easy to use and look after. We’ve installed them in cafes, hotels, and bars which really reflects the versatility of the oven”  – Will Robinson, Managing Director, High Speed Oven Company. 

Visit www.highspeedovens.co.uk

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