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The Michelin Exchange Programme – An Exciting Opportunity For Young Gourmands

French chef, Rody Warot, has launched his Michelin Exchange Programme – the first of its kind – with a dual aim; to meet his own mission of safeguarding the future of gastronomic excellence and to facilitate the dreams of fledgling gourmands.

“We are passionate about helping those who are under 21 and currently working in a Relais Chateaux or Michelin-starred restaurant – in either a chef or front-of-house capacity – to travel abroad, expand their repertoire and broaden their culinary horizons, ” says Rody Warot.  The Michelin Exchange Programme is an innovative addition to Rody’s business, Live Restaurant; the ethos of which is informed by the French chef’s extensive travels.

Rody has enjoyed an exotic career, winning awards in every corner of the globe, scooping his first – a gold medal for originality – in the Cayman Islands. Having absorbed a wealth of international culture – his wife is from Mauritius and his daughter was born in Scotland – the chef finally settled in Berkshire, to provide consultancy services to tiny little struggling businesses in a notoriously challenging industry. The business has expanded, to provide recruitment services linking Michelin-standard candidates with elite European hotels and restaurants, too.

The Michelin Exchange Programme is targeted at:

  • The apprentices, themselves
  • Employers seeking to help an apprentice to travel abroad
  • Employers seeking to accept an apprentice

“We love to unite people from around the world,” says Rody. “Our scheme offers apprentices the chance to have the time of their life, working abroad – a dream come true. We strongly believe that the essential purpose of working in elite hospitality is about sharing experience, about travelling. It is not about staying within miles of where you grew up.”

Apprenticeships are for 1, 3, 6 or 12 months, can take place within any European country and the programme provides support with administration, travel, accommodation and so on. A comprehensive welcome pack will be provided, for each property that signs up to the scheme, detailing admin fees and terms and conditions. Candidates must be under 21 and currently working in a Relais Chateaux or Michelin-starred environment. The scheme offers candidates: the opportunity to learn and share culture and language as well as professional skills, the prestige of building an international reputation and the richly unique experiences and influences that only come with travel.

Rody Warot’s own culinary expertise has won him countless fans, including the Duchess of Cambridge and her family. Invited by the Middletons to the unofficial royal engagement at one of the family’s favourite haunts – the Old Boot Inn, in Berkshire – the chef arranged a delicious spread of food. Kate declared herself partial to his speciality Sticky Toffee Pudding; dramatically reviving the pudding’s popularity, gaining extensive media coverage – for both chef and pud – and even inspiring a movie, starring Gordon Ramsay, called Love’s Kitchen!

Puddings aside, Rody has declared; “I am on a mission to help to grow the number of Michelin restaurants in the UK.” And, with the combination of his own inimitable passion, a royal seal of approval and his unique Michelin Exchange Programme, Rody Warot looks all set to achieve that goal.

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