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The New Vintage LED Filament Lamp Range, by Lightique

The new Vintage LED filament lamp range, by Lightique is an innovative range of filament-style retrofit LED lamps. This range neatly combines a classic vintage look with state-of-the-art LED filament technology, to offer an entirely new proposition to architects, interior designers; energy managers and residential users alike.

Designed to provide a timeless vintage feel, this latest range from Lightique includes a widest selection of popular, designer and niche lamp shapes currently available. These include: globes (G80 and G125) squirrel cages (ST64), long tubes, valves and candles lamps, all with a multitude of filament designs and gold external finish.

These fully dimmable, Ultra-warm white (2200K) vintage-style laps can be used to create the enjoyable ambiance; designed luminosity; and nostalgic chic previously only the territory of energy-hungry incandescent lighting. Smooth and stable 0-100% is now possible with a range of Compatible or Recommended dimmers.

The Vintage LED filament range is designed to invoke nuances of Victorian nostalgia, whilst offering the reliability and energy saving potential of the very best in LED filament technology. Lamp efficacies of 100-130lm/W and 30,000 hours lifetime are possible thanks to proprietary drive electronics; patented sapphire substrate LED technology; and thermally enhanced inert gas mix. All of which add up to a market-leading product with a lifetime of up to 10 times that of a traditional incandescent lamp.

To see many light fittings that compliment these new filament LED lamps then check out our new website www.Lightique.com

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