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The Next Generation Of Electronic Point Of Sales (ePOS) Is Now Here

elavondevon-99-2The world of payments is constantly evolving, driven by consumer demand and the availability of new technologies.

Never before has it been so important to offer the best payment services to customers, while simplifying the systems and processes you use to manage your business. Savvy businesses will benefit from an integrated ePOS system that will allow you to manage all aspects of the business – from managing inventory to payments and actionable reporting, accessible anytime, anywhere.  In addition, any new ePOS system must be affordable and designed to offer a brilliant user experience.

talech, in association with Elavon, offers pubs, cafes and restaurants a combined ePOS and card payments solution.  Not only can you accept card and cash payments, you can take orders, manage menus, track employee hours and see what’s selling & what’s not each day. talech provides valuable insights through real time reporting and the ability to spot emerging trends in your business quickly, enabling you to be more responsive to opportunities to get ahead.

To learn more about how Elavon and talech could help you to transform your business, visit www.elavon.co.uk/talechrestaurant or call us on 0203 788 2125

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