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The PowerCube

UKEUAs the modern consumer is becoming evermore reliant on cutting edge technology, we design and engineer our products with the end-user in mind.

Meet the PowerCube, a revolutionary and award-winning product. The PowerCube combines all core features of an ordinary power socket with a modern day twist and increased functionality. Available with or without USB ports it makes charging all your technology a breeze by allowing you to charge multiple devices simultaneously.

The uniquely designed PowerCube avoids plug blockage as all sides of the product can be used independently. The PowerCube can be mounted on any flat surface within reach, using the dock and sticky-pads that come with it.

Remote-Bed-2The modularity of the product allows you to stack multiple cubes together to accommodate your desired amount of outlets, creating a tailored source of power. All models are produced in a characterising colour, which makes them suitable for any environment.

Visit www.allocacoc.com for the entire product range.

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