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The Reliable Professional Kitchen Assistant

scc101-electric-and-gas-combi-oven-with-boilerYou can grill, roast, bake, steam, stew, blanch or poach food, all within a space of less than about 1m². Meat, fish, poultry, vegetables, egg dishes, baked goods, desserts—you can do it all, whether you’re cooking for thirty or for several thousand you can speak to Nextday Catering Equipment and discover the full capabilities of the Rational Oven.

It reduces workloads exactly the way kitchen teams need: it cooks quickly, it’s easy to use, it delivers the food quality you specify, and it even saves you time, money and energy in the process. It takes all monitoring and checking work off your hands. It adjusts temperature, moisture and cooking time settings on its own. It monitors your food’s browning and degree of doneness, and even saves you the trouble of repeatedly turning pan-fried dishes. We offer an in-house training facility for cooking in the Rational Ovens and also have demo sites all over the country, so if you are thinking about the Rational then give us a call and let us organise a first hand demo of what the oven can do for your business, Free Phone 0808 108 0028 to book a place over Sept or Oct near you.

Sales Manager Fiona points out a few of the major benefits for your business at a glance:

• This Oven offers Outstanding food quality at all times giving consistent results every time not matter which chef is on.
• Easy to operate even for untrained staff using the easy to follow menu.
• No checking or monitoring required as the Oven does this for you
• Cook different foods at the same time without compromise
• Automatic cleaning and descaling without the need for manual supervision or any staffing for the clean down.
• We offer the one stop Rational experience from setting up your leasing deal allowing you to spread your payments to our super fast delivery and 24/7 back up service.

The cooking system with real intelligence.
More than just an ordinary combi-steamer!

It’s the first and only cooking system with real intelligence, and it’s revolutionising the way food is prepared. You no longer have to set temperatures, moisture levels or air circulation speeds, and then continually adjust them. All you need to do is specify the results you want. It doesn’t matter whether you want your food to turn out rare, medium or well-done, lightly browned or dark, with or without a crust.

It always comes down to one simple formula for perfect cooking results – select a product, load it, and that’s it — no matter who’s operating the unit.

The SelfCookingCenter® is equipped with 5 Senses: it senses ideal cooking cabinet conditions, detects food size and quantities, thinks ahead so it will know how to prepare a dish perfectly, learns the chef’s preferred habits and methods, and even communicates with the chef. The display on your SelfCookingCenter® will show you which dishes you can cook together. You specify what you want to prepare and iLevelControl will monitor each rack individually. Depending on load sizes and on how often the door is open for how long, iLevelControl will intelligently adjust cooking times and even notify you as it’s doing so. That way, you’ll always have an eye on the proceedings.

When a rack is finished cooking, iLevelControl will notify you with a corresponding message on the display. If you like, the system will even use the lighting system to show you which rack needs to be loaded or unloaded. This almost completely eliminates the possibility of operator error. Your food will come out perfectly every time, just the way you want it.

We would love to answer any questions you might have about the Ovens so call Free on 0808 108 0028.

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