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The Safest Drinks Tray in the Alfresco World

Specifically designed with the outdoors and outdoor adventurers in mind, muggi is an innovative new product that enables hot and cold drinks to be safely carried in any environment.

This unique tray enables up to four mugs, glasses or bottles to be carried, which is ideal when you are out and about. It also has four non-slip rubber feet which allows it to rest safely on uneven surfaces.

Made from lightweight, but extremely tough Polypropylene, muggi comes in seven vibrant colours blue, grey, red, purple, green, pink and a black recycled material.

muggi designer and owner, David Trotter, explains why he developed the product:

Inventor, David Trotter said: ‘’the original muggi was designed to combat breakages and spillages on-board boats and yachts, however it soon became clear to me that it provided a safe way of carrying hot drinks in just about any environment. Muggi is perfect for when you are dining out Alfresco or on any outdoor adventure.”

muggi is 100% British designed and made and guaranteed for 88 years!

For further information on muggi and how to stock it, please visit www.muggi.co.uk

Please contact David trotter 07970 029346 or email david@muggi.co.uk

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