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The Securicot® Baby Listening System

Dectel Ltd., a Bristol based telecoms engineering company for over 25 years, is launching its new product, Securicot® Baby Listening System, to the hotel industry.

The project to develop the System was inspired by Paul Sadler, General Manager at Calcot Manor, as the hotel needed to replace an obsolete system installed many years ago.

Dectel Ltd. manufactures and installs Securicot® and has two systems working very satisfactorily for over a year at Calcot Manor and LFH’s Fowey Hall.

The market for Securicot® is hotels wishing to increase their revenue by being able to attract families by offering a safe reliable Baby Monitoring system for their guest rooms, enabling the parents to make more use of the hotel’s chargeable services.

For reliability the Guest Room Units are directly connected to the Control Station located in the Reception Back Office. Here each Room Unit is permanently being monitored but the enabling of the microphone is under the guest’s control.

The complete system can be supplied and installed with a cost of around only 15p per room (cost amortised over 5 years).

Dectel Ltd., 105 Horse Street, Chipping Sodbury, BRISTOL BS37 6DE
Tel: 01454 883300. Email: sales@securicot.com Website: www.securicot.com

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