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There’s A New Kid In Town!

The mid naughties saw a boom in outdoor rattan products hitting the market. It was very much seen as the pinnacle of outdoor furniture, luxurious and premium, while at the same time low maintenance.

Over time, the pitfalls of rattan have started to appear, particularly in a commercial setting where it is exposed to a lot of usage.

Sagging is common where the weave loosens, or worse still, tear in the weave and the whole item can unravel requiring full and costly replacement. Fast forward to 2018 and rattan is now commonplace in pubs and gardens everywhere, it has lost some of this premium appeal, a slightly faded rattan chair now has the opposite effect, it’s a sign of cheap and rundown.

Well not any longer, there is a new kid in town, courtesy of LeisureBench. The Madrid range, made of resin reinforced polypropylene, offers the aesthetic appeal of rattan furniture while solving some of the issues identified above. This range is lightweight and stackable for easy storage. It is UV resistant meaning it will never fade. The rattan effect is not woven, but injection moulded meaning that it will never sag or unravel for extra longevity. It is completely weather resistant and will require little to no maintenance. A clean once a year should suffice.

On top of this, The Madrid Range is design led and made to “look good”. Included within the range are a variety of high pressure laminate (HPL) table tops. This brings outdoor tabletop technology to a new level offering ultra-sleek designs while enhancing durability.

To see this and the huge selection of products available from LeisureBench visit their website at www.leisurebench.co.uk Call them on 01949 862920 or email sales@leisurebench.co.uk.

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