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Three Restaurants Score Perfect Ten In Good Food Guide In A 15 Year First

Waitrose-Good-Food-GuideFor the first time in 15 years, three restaurants have scored full marks (10/10), in the Good Food Guide, published by Waitrose and now in its 64th year.

In another first, Clare Smyth, Chef/Proprietor at Restaurant Gordon Ramsay has become the first female chef in fifteen years to be awarded a perfect ten score by the best selling restaurant guide, as it publishes its 2015 ranking of the UK’s Top 50 restaurants on 8th September.

For the second year running, Simon Rogan’s Cumbrian restaurant, L’Enclume, has achieved the top spot. At number two is Heston Blumenthal’s The Fat Duck, which has now scored a perfect ten for seven years in a row – longer than any other restaurant since the guide adopted its current scoring system. Restaurant Gordon Ramsay achieved third place with its top score, rising two places from last year.

Elizabeth Carter, Consultant Editor of the Waitrose Good Food Guide, explains what makes Clare Smyth so special: “After a break of a decade, Gordon Ramsay’s Chelsea flagship has once again been awarded a perfect 10. Now the domain of Clare Smyth, with support from what is, without doubt, one of the best front-of-house teams in the UK, this most impressive of London’s premier restaurants is back in that elite club. Further congratulations, too, for Smyth is the first female chef to achieve our top score in 15 years. With her brilliantly artistic, elegant, modern French cooking she perfectly complements the witty, cerebral Fat Duck and the sensual farm-to-table delights of L’Enclume at the pinnacle of our Top 50 list.”

Clare Smyth at Restaurant Gordon Ramsay said: “This is incredible, I’m absolutely overjoyed, we all are. I have personally referenced The Good Food Guide for places to eat for years and value their opinion as it’s the customers’ opinion.

“It makes it so much more significant when you know it’s through customer feedback. Like all restaurants we are one big team and my team here is tremendous, so a huge thank you from every one of us.”

Simon Rogan, head chef at L’Enclume, comments on his success: “We feel so privileged to be at the number one spot for a second year for L’Enclume. The full 10 rating really is a reflection of all the continued focus and improvements we have been undertaking at L’Enclume every single month. The team just keeps on getting stronger and stronger, and we now also have a hugely skilled front-of-house staff who more than match our culinary standards.”

The Good Food Guide’s annual Top 50 restaurant ranking is highly regarded by chefs and restaurant-goers alike, with particular attention paid to those chefs and restaurants who make it into the Top 10. Cornish favourite Restaurant Nathan Outlaw takes the number 4 spot for 2015, followed by Claude Bosi’s Hibiscus, which rises two places from seven to five. Retaining sixth place is man-of-the-moment Jason Atherton with his flagship restaurant Pollen Street Social, followed by Nottingham’s Restaurant Sat Bains at number 7, and Philip Howard’s The Square at number 8. For the first time David Everitt-Matthias appears in the Top 10, with Le Champignon Sauvage taking the ninth position, and Brett Graham’s The Ledbury completing the list.

This year’s Top 10 – cooking Score is between 1 and 10. Last year’s ranking is shown in brackets.

1. L’Enclume, Cumbria. Cooking score 10. (1st)

2. The Fat Duck, Berkshire. Cooking score 10. (2nd)

3. Restaurant Gordon Ramsay, London. Cooking score 10. (5th)

4. Restaurant Nathan Outlaw, Cornwall. Cooking score 9. (3rd)

5. Hibiscus, London. Cooking score 9. (7th)

6. Pollen Street Social, London. Cooking score 9. (6th)

7. Restaurant Sat Bains, Nottinghamshire. Cooking score 9. (4th)

8. The Square, London. Cooking score 8. (8th)

9. Le Champignon Sauvage, Gloucestershire. Cooking score 8. (11th)

10. The Ledbury, London. Cooking score 8. (9th)

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