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TOTEM CHP at New London Hotel

Adveco Ltd. has been awarded the contract to supply a TOTEM T25 m-CHP within a complete domestic hot water system at a new value hotel located near the Gherkin in central London. The TOTEM CHP will operate alongside six Adveco stainless steel calorifiers and a cascade of A.O. Smith Upsilon boilers in an ultra-high efficiency water heating system serving almost 400 rooms.

The design of the system allows the CHP to achieve high run hours to maximise its contribution to overall efficiency and cost savings. Primary system water will be pre-heated by the CHP via an Adveco MSS buffer vessel, before feeding into stainless steel indirect calorifiers to heat the building water in conjunction with the boiler cascade.

The Adveco TOTEM is the product of almost 40 years of R&D. Manufactured in Italy by Totem Energy s.r.l., it features a 1.4-litre Fiat Fire engine sourced from Fiat Chrysler Automobiles paired with an ECU and catalytic converter supplied and tuned by automotive experts Magneti Marelli. This grants the TOTEM the highest total cogeneration efficiencies available on the UK market in addition to carbon and NOX emissions less than 10% of other CHP appliances within its market sector.

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