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Traders Coffee Ltd. – Beans, Machines, Servicing and Training

TCB-logo-latestWith over 30 years specialist experience in the coffee business we pride ourselves on understanding & exceeding our customers’ needs for the best coffee, machines & related products.

We provide coffee products and services across the catering and hospitality industry, from the smallest café to large exclusive restaurants and hotels, as well as providing individual households with coffee products to suit their tastes and lifestyles.

R-8_Front_3_4_White_BOur specialism includes:

• An in-house, state of the art roasting facility enabling us to supply perfectly roasted coffee beans roasted to your liking and marketed under our brand CoffeeBay;
• Importing and distributing the latest coffee machines for you to purchase or rent e.g. the Astoria & Rocket Espresso ranges, two of Italy’s most exclusive and premier espresso machine manufacturers;
• Supplying a range of beans, filter coffees and teas for your personal/business needs;
sabrina• Providing expert training and servicing personnel to give you peace of mind when buying or renting our coffee machines – from enquiry to installation and beyond;
• Supplying coffee machines and accessories for a variety of short term events e.g. Ascot and Queens Club;
• A full range of coffee accessories including syrups, cups & lids, jugs, biscuits.

Please visit our website for more information – www.coffeebay.co.uk

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