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Traiteur de Paris’ Latest Flavour of the Month

Traiteur de Paris blends tradition with modernity to make premium frozen cakes, petits fours, canapés, fine pastries and side dishes for chefs and catering professionals in France and abroad. This French brand is now drawing on its expertise in designing and producing quality catering products to launch two new products: an extra colourful vegetarian canapé platter.with intense flavours, a cutting-edge design and a pleasant lightness on the palate ; and a lemon or strawberry slice dessert.  

For its very first all-vegetarian canapés, Traiteur de Paris has concocted six trendy recipes made using exclusively vegetables and vegetarian cheeses. The 54 pieces come ready to serve on a black tray. 

Traiteur de Paris’ Lemon Slice and Strawberry Slice are traditionally French four-layer desserts which combine multiple textures of lemon creams and cakes. They arrive ready to serve but still allow the chef to easily add an extra special personal touch.

The vegetarian tray and the lemon and strawberry slices are all prepared in the Traiteur de Paris production kitchen at La Guerche de Bretagne (Ile-et-Vilaine, Brittany), using ingredients of the highest quality which are guaranteed to be free from preservatives, flavour enhancers, or artificial flavours or colourants.

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