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Transforming Your Business from Ordinary to Outstanding

The pressure is on for Licenced Trade operators and Restauranteurs to provide more of a “Complete Experience” for their clients rather than “just a pub/restaurant”. But this costs money and with the seasonality of trade, best time to do renovation/refurbishment work is when trade is quieter but at that time, cash-flow is tight.

Liquid Finance offer an alternative finance solution for the Hospitality Trade called a Business Cash Advance. This is an unsecured cash advance and the funds are paid back as a daily percentage of your credit/debit card takings. The Advance can be used for whatever you need – typically stock replenishment, renovations, refurbishments or expansion and there are absolutely no hidden costs like applications fees, collection fees or late payment fees.

“I started working with Liquid Finance nearly two years ago – they have assisted me with refurbishments, renovations and even small jobs like refreshing the menus! Business is good – I don’t know where we would be without them!”

Welcome to Smart Finance for the Hospitality Trade!

For more details and to get an obligation free quotation, see the advert on page 5 or call Liquid Finance on 0845 600 3573 or visit us at www.liquidfinance.com.

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