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TraQtion Supporting Dunkin’ Brands

TraQtion, a leading provider of cloud-based quality and compliance software, is now used by Dunkin’ Brands, the parent company of Dunkin’ Donuts and Baskin-Robbins, to help strengthen its food and beverage supply chain and ensure compliance. Dunkin’ Brands selected TraQtion for its ease of use and ability to scale the software for its business projections.

“Prior to using TraQtion, mapping and managing risk in our extensive and diverse international supply chain was a time-consuming and complex task,” said Martin Strudwick, Director of International QA and Commercialization, Dunkin’ Brands. “Using TraQtion, we have been able to save valuable time and resources with an automated process to on-board new suppliers and consolidate our due diligence into one system.”

With a collaborative platform for suppliers and franchises, Dunkin’ Brands leverages TraQtion’s proprietary intelligent compliance engine to scan, evaluate and interpret data to ensure it meets the company’s requirements. TraQtion will immediately alert Dunkin’ Brands of higher-risk profile suppliers, products and sites for quick follow-up actions, which helps protect consumers and the reputations of the company’s brands.

Some of TraQtion’s capabilities used by Dunkin’ Brands include:
• Intelligent compliance engine that continually runs in the background to check status, send alerts and provide at-a-glance visibility to problem areas.
• Supply chain tracking for collecting and managing all supplier information
• Advanced dashboards that provide a visual overview of their quality and compliance program. A colour-coded compliance rating organized by regions and management hierarchy quickly helps identify any issues and alert the right people.

To further understand how TraQtion can best support your business and to schedule a demo of the solution, please visit traqtion.com.

For more information about TraQtion, please contact info@TraQtion.com

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