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Tridonic’s EM ready2apply: An ‘Out Of The Box‘ Solution For Emergency Lighting

Tridonic’s EM ready2apply is a new, emergency lighting solution that gives specifiers and installers a product that combines advanced battery technology with the latest in emergency lighting components. It is an effective solution to the problem of reliable and compact emergency lighting and unites Tridonic’s lighting expertise with rigorous testing processes to deliver a product that sets a bench mark for future emergency lighting solutions.

Chris Slattery, Global Product Manager, Emergency Lighting, explained: “Our aim was simple. Design a compact and easy to install product that fits through a minimal cut-out and into an ever-diminishing ceiling void. The solution encompasses sufficient power to exceed the necessary performance figures, exceeds all lifetime and safety requirements, and gives users options on installation with a multi-optic design.” The “BlackBox” monitoring also gives over 40 data points.

Available through approved distributors or electrical wholesalers. The key specification elements are:

• Maintained and Non-maintained variants

• Basic, self-test, and DALI (PRO)

• 3 interchangeable lenses with push-click-connection (anti-panic, escape route and spot)

• Impressive spacings with lens technology.

• Battery with an 8-year design life and 3-year guarantee

• 5-year electronics guarantee

Visit www.tridonic.com for details.

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