UKPOS-advertUK POS is the expert in visual display and point of sale for the hospitality sector. Over the course of 26 years, we have built a first-class reputation in manufacturing and supplying over 25 million point of sale products across the nation, whilst providing a highly effective consultative service to each and every one of our clients.

It is our firm belief that innovative and high quality visual display can help businesses stand out from the crowd, maximise sales, influence consumer habits and encourage brand loyalty. As such, effective POS and visual display are fundamental to the hospitality sector and must be carefully selected to reflect the individual products and services of a business.

Nowadays, hospitality operators must look beyond traditional displays and embrace technological advancements, whilst finding fresh new ways in which to engage their customers. Utilising pavement signs, A-boards and café barrier systems are effective in enticing potential passing customers. Inside a venue, operators should seek to install visually appealing products, such as snap frames, chalkboards and table menu holders.

We pride ourselves not only on selling the best products at the best prices, but also in providing the highest levels of customer service and industry know-how.

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