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US Hospitality Tech System BlueCart Joins Comesto the UK Based Procurement Platform

Comesto, the innovative new British hospitality supply chain platform, has formed a strategic partnership with US hospitality tech operator BlueCart to create a totally new business management solution for the UK. Providing an affordable procurement and stock control solution for all types of hospitality operators, from individual venues to the largest restaurant chains and from new artisan suppliers to big food and drink brands. This new service enables all to purchase and trade efficiently, raise quality and control costs.

The combined Comesto and BlueCart service provides a complete purchasing and stock management facility which is simple to setup and use. It’s like a wholesale catalogue you design and own – your selection, your negotiated prices, your order quantities and your delivery schedule – putting you in control. Upload current suppliers catalogues and order with one click, and if Comesto alerts you to a better price or better quality alternative from another supplier, just swap it. And if you need a new stock item, simply search Comesto, check out prices and quality, get samples if you wish and drop it into your BlueCart shopping basket.

And for your suppliers, their Comesto-BlueCart processes your orders, highlights special pricing, deliveries and alerts you to new stock items and special offers.

To sign up to Comesto FREE visit www.comesto.co.uk or email info@comesto.co.uk

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