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Using The Latest Technologies To Drive Service Excellence

The hospitality and catering industries are well developed in the management of performance KPIs however; our customers are now demanding higher standards than ever before.

At Flowrite we believe the only way for our industry to improve is to adopt new technology to deliver core services in a more effective way and utilise it to give our customers complete visibility of services in real-time.

In response to these demands, Flowrite has developed the CoolerRESPONSETM technology. This was originally envisioned for use on cellar cooling, walk-in fridges and freezers however, it also has the ability to monitor other areas such as: statutory food checks to HCCAP standards, dishwasher cycles, water inlet temperatures, and energy consumption of equipment or even a whole premise.

Due to the increased levels of connectivity CoolerRESPONSETM offers, the proactive services we are able to offer our customers include:
•Remote diagnostics and equipment repairs,
•Addressing of maintenance and behavioural issues before they lead to downtime,
•Improved first-time fix rates, by ensuring engineers arrive with the right diagnostic information, tools and replacement parts.

Flowrite’s aim with CoolerRESPONSETM is to make our engineers service experts by equipping them with real-time data based on actual conditions, and thus ensuring the resolution they offer is a quick, informed and effective solution.

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E: enquiries@flowriteservices.co.uk

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