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Our Italian designed and manufactured outdoor structures for the hospitality industry are the most versatile way of covering seasonal outdoor space or for creating a space for a new offering such as dining or wedding services.

Maintaining the bottom line of your business is one of the great challenges of the hospitality trade. Occupying a fixed space with a fixed number tables is very limiting and only adds to the issues facing a hospitality entrepreneur today.

At Vista Commercial we’ve come up with a unique solution for the outside space you’ve previously only been able to use during the summer months, and it comes in a number of shapes and sizes.

From pergola style, fully enclosed structures including lights, music, sliding glass doors, remote controlled weathertight roof and infra-red heating to our ‘Restaurant in a box’ product, our versatile commercial structures are designed to enable you to operate 365 days a year.

All our packages include remote controlled weathertight roof, lights, heating, music and sliding or concertina glass doors, planning permission application and process management, delivery and installation.

We also have a comprehensive range remote controlled parasols and awnings, and soft touch or fixed glass barriers in a range finishes.

Contact Nick Garnett on 01473 852004 or nick@vista-commercial.co.uk

Web: www.vista-commercial.co.uk

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