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What Ranges Of Combi Ovens Are Available?

Rational offers its popular SelfCookingCenter Combi in a comprehensive range of sizes.

Measuring just 555mm (d) x 655mm (w) x 567mm (h), Rational’s new generation SelfCookingCenter XS combi is ideal for smaller kitchens short on space, or as an additional unit to help out for those busy times. Despite its compact footprint, it is capable of holding six 2/3 GN pans. It’s an intelligent commercial cooking appliance that actually interacts with caterers, getting to know the way they work so that, together, the caterer and their combi can always deliver the best possible cooking results.

The SelfCookingCenter XS combi offers the same functionality and performance as previous models, but on a compact footprint. So it benefits from:

•HiDensityControl, a patented dynamic air mixing technology, which precisely controls the speed of the unit’s fan to channel the heat and humidity to exactly where it is needed.

•iLevelControl telling the operator which different foods can be cooked together at the same time. It intelligently controls the cooking time for each rack, adjusting the time for each shelf according to the amount of food loaded and factors such as how long the door is opened during the cooking process. Everything is cooked to perfection, every time.

•iCookingControl to regulate the cooking processes – even the most complex of cooking routines can be initiated at the touch of a button, thanks to the simple control system. It ensures food is prepared exactly the way the chef wants, by monitoring, controlling and adjusting temperature, time, air speed and the cooking climate – that is, the balance of dry heat and steam.

•Efficient CareControl further enhances efficiency by detecting the build up of cooking residues in the SelfCookingCenter and always suggesting the appropriate cleaning level. This saves up to 40% in terms of energy, water and chemicals.

A new addition to the CombiMaster Plus range of Rational combi ovens is the XS CombiMaster Plus. This latest model is the smallest unit in the CombiMaster Plus series, and fits into the most compact kitchens. A key new feature is the automatic cleaning function, which is now also available on the rest of the CombiMaster® Plus series.

Choosing multipurpose cooking appliances, such as a Rational SelfCookingCenter, can add to the menu options available to caterers increasing the choice to customers. For example, Rational’s SelfCookingCenters have the ability to cook mixed loads simultaneously. The units’ iLevelControl not only shows staff which foods are compatible with each other for mixed loads, but also ensures each is prepared using the caterer’s preferred specifications and cooking methods. Using iLevelControl means energy consumption can be minimised by ensuring the combi is filled every time – in this way the unit will be operating at its maximum efficiency.

Rational’s HiDensityControl, a patented dynamic air mixing technology, precisely controls the speed of the unit’s fan to channel the heat and humidity to exactly where it is needed. This not only delivers outstanding cooking quality, but also allows caterers to maximise output, since they can load more food into the same size cooking cabinet. It also reduces energy consumption and cuts production time compared to previous models.

Rational provides customers with in-depth, on-going training and support in partnership with sales and service training. Dealers have access to online support, including a wide range of training videos, sales support materials – including specification sheets and guides, as well as reference stories.

For information and brochures on Rational products, or to arrange to come to a free SelfCookingCenter® ‘Rational CookingLive’ seminar, contact your dealer, freephone Rational UK on 0800 389 2944 or visit www.rational-UK.com.

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