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Why You Should Consider Producing Your Own Electricity With Solar

Hotels & restaurants are electricity hungry businesses and the latest figures show Solar is the cheapest form of electricity. Energy experts are predicting that over the next five years electricity bills will increase by at least 33%. Could your business afford this?

Solar is a cheap, low maintenance and reliable supply of electricity protected against price rises and compliments grid supplied electricity. Solar PV now delivers electricity at the cost of around 5p per unit – less than half the amount you probably pay.

With solar being the cheapest form of electricity combined with today’s low interest rates to finance an installation, now is the time for your business to invest in solar, achieve a 12 – 15% ROI and a payback around 7 years.

Those who have already installed solar are not only saving a considerable amount of money, they are using it to promote their green credentials. Public facing display systems are great for reception areas to show customers how much clean and green solar electricity you are producing and the CO2 emissions being avoided.

Mypower are a highly experienced award winning team who consult, design and install Solar PV systems. At the heart of our business is delivering quality work with the highest customer service.

For more information, case studies, and friendly, helpful advice visit www.mypoweruk.com or call Mypower on 01242 620894

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