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Wi-Q Technologies are the award-winning developers behind cloud-based mobile ordering solutions, Wi-Q and Mi-Room. The solutions were designed for the hospitality industry, with Wi-Q serving F&B, and Mi-Room serving hotel guest services.

Wi-Q’s revolutionary technology puts the power to view, order and pay for products or services into the customers’ hands. The software hosts the venue’s fully brand customisable menu in the cloud, making it accessible from any internet enabled device. This not only saves the venue from the development cost of a custom built mobile app but also the customer from having to find, download and maintain yet another memory intensive, mobile ordering app. This crucial difference has a positive effect on engagement as it makes the mobile ordering experience truly seamless, hassle-free and ultimately faster than calling ahead, getting an employees’ attention or waiting in a queue.

The movement from mobile to cloud-based apps can be observed across many industries, so why should hospitality be any different? The cloud-based nature of Wi-Q Technologies solutions allow them to roll out new languages, currencies, updates and integrations instantly, removing the need for venues and customers to install updates locally. This means that Wi-Q and Mi-Room can continue to lead and support the industry by integrating additional emerging technologies such as data driven marketing tools. For many providers, this agility is unheard of and will only become more crucial as businesses serve more and more of the millennial and generation Y population.

Graham Cornhill, co-founder of Wi-Q stresses this demand, saying “From accessing Wi-Fi to communicating, millennial and generation Y customers demand the least route of resistance in everything they do. Our whole lifestyle is driven around the devices we use to communicate and handing over the control of product ordering directly into the hands of our customers is a natural evolution of technology in the hospitality space.”

Both Wi-Q and Mi-Room facilitate a host of payment options – including charge to room – and integrate seamlessly with common hospitality systems, including Oracle Hospitality. Venues also have access to an intuitive back-end management system, where employees can implement real-time updates to inventory and prices.

Wi-Q Technologies’ cloud based solutions are available on a SaaS fee with little or no Capex. To find out how your business can experience an instant ROI and improve customer service, please email info@wi-q.com.

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