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Zero-Hours Contracts Proposals Must Take A Balanced Approach, Says ALMR

Responding to Vince Cable’s proposals to extend further statutory rights to zero-hours workers, the ALMR has stressed the need for a balance between fairness and flexibility.

Speaking at the Resolution Foundation yesterday, the Business Secretary proposed allowing anyone on a zero-hours contract the right to request fixed-hours from their employer.

ALMR Strategic Affairs Director, Kate Nicholls said: “There is a need to strike a balance between fairness and flexibility in order to tackle abuse whilst maintaining prosperity.

“Licensed hospitality is a sector which has a need for casual and temporary staff to deal with fluctuating demand. For many working in licensed retail, temporary and casual contracts offer a flexible method of working, particularly for those combining work with study.

“The Business Secretary’s proposals need to take a balanced approach to addressing flexible working hours. We also need to ensure that our people are treated fairly and tackle examples of abuse in the system.

“The ALMR supported the Government’s initial proposals around tackling abusive exclusivity clauses and the promotion of best practice through Employer Codes. What we do not want is another level of bureaucratic restrictions which only add costs and impact on our ability to invest in our people, in continued job creation and growth in our local communities. Nor do we support Labour’s proposals for automatic rights which may suit neither employer nor employee and stifle the sector’s ability to promote jobs and growth.”

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