51% of procurement professionals looking for UK suppliers as a result of Brexit

  • 81% said supply chains becoming more expensive
  • 51% of procurement professionals in the retail and wholesale sector looking for UK suppliers as a result of Brexit
  • 46% re-negotiating contracts with suppliers
  • 39% consolidating relationships with existing suppliers
  • 57% said they are expecting their suppliers to reduce prices
How are UK supply chain managers in retail and wholesale preparing for Brexit?
Consolidating relationships with existing suppliers 39%
Supply chains becoming more expensive 81%
Looking for UK suppliers as a result of Brexit 51%
Supplier contracts being negotiated 46%
Expecting suppliers to reduce their prices 57%
Mapping costs of potential tariffs 43%
Making long-term plans difficult 80%

A high proportion of retail companies (65%) say that suppliers would have to reduce their prices as a result of Brexit, according to the Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply (CIPS).
A survey of 2,111 supply chain managers across all sectors also found that 32% of UK businesses who work with suppliers on the continent are actively looking for alternative suppliers based in the UK. The retail and wholesale sector posted a higher response at 51%.

The longer-term impacts also included re-shoring supply chains to the UK (16%) and that a greater part of supply chains would go outside the EU. There was also a dearth of supply chain knowledge in the sector highlighted by 29% of respondents and 80% agreed that Brexit made creating long-term plans difficult.
For the full retail and wholesale, global and other sector results download: The Brexit Storm – How procurement and supply chain professionals are tackling the issues