£990m Valentines Day Spend With Romantic Meal Topping The Polls

  • DiningThe UK is set to spend over £990m celebrating Valentine’s Day this year – the average person will spend £28.60 on a gift for their partner
  • A romantic meal and a weekend away top the polls for the best way to celebrate Valentine’s Day

The UK looks set to spend a staggering £990 million this Valentine’s Day with weekend getaways and a romantic meal topping the polls. VoucherCodes.co.uk, , surveyed over 2,000 people across the country which revealed the tried and tested path is still the way to go.

A romantic meal (41%) was voted as the nation’s favourite way to spend Valentine’s Day, followed by a weekend away (36%).

While a quarter want a special surprise date (19%), the invitation to move away from the norm is not a suggestion to do something active. The likes of climbing or mini golf (18%) came second only to watching a sports match (33%) as the worst ways to spend Valentine’s Day.

The UK’s favourite Valentine’s Day plans

A romantic meal


A weekend away


A special surprise date


At home in front of the TV


A movie at the cinema


The average person is planning to spend £28.60 on a Valentine’s Day gift this year and they’ll be better off playing it safe on traditional gifts as flowers (17%), jewellery (12%) and chocolates (12%) came out on top as our favourites. However, not everything that rom-coms have taught us is true, with teddy bears (14%) voted our worst present.

The research has revealed that the most romantic day of the year is in fact not the time for men to try spice up activity in the bedroom, with underwear (11%) and redeemable ‘love tokens’ (7%) among the presents women most hate to receive.

The UK’s worst Valentine’s Day gifts

Cheesy teddy


Novelty gift


Cheap jewellery/watch




Supermarket flowers


Half of the UK (47%) admit they have previously bought a bad gift. A quarter (28%) blame a lack of money and a fifth (21%) confess they left it until the last minute, however the reason can be a little more sinister for millennials in particular. A tenth confess they mixed their partner up with an ex (12%), wanted to be dumped (10%) or had more than one person to buy for (10%).

Anita Naik, Lifestyle Editor at VoucherCodes.co.uk, said: “The UK is set to spend over £1.5bn on a variety of intimate plans and personal gifts this year. Far from being risqué and adventurous, the research has shown that we’d be safer sticking to traditional celebrations like a romantic meal with some flowers.

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