In a busy food operation, you probably don’t even think about your grease filters, they’re just there building up dirt, fat, oil and grease; but when was the last time you had your kitchen grease filters cleaned? Not only are they the first part of your extraction system, they are also a legal requirement in the prevention of fire and compliance with health and safety.There are many other benefits to having clean filters, such as improved kitchen cleanliness and reduced levels of carbon dioxide, to ensure top air quality for your staff.

You may not be surprised to hear that 57% of kitchen fires in restaurants result from issues with cooking equipment; that’s why it’s important to identify the exclusions of your insurance policy because many insurers demand regular deep cleaning of filters which, let’s face it, is inconvenient and time-consuming. If you do suffer a kitchen fire and can’t evidence that you’ve been having your filters correctly and thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis, your insurer may reject your claim.

The answer? Our professional cleaning service means your dirty filters are exchanged with clean ones in minutes, as part of our package we provide a free set of standard sized filters for your kitchen, prolonging the life of your own. Our service also evidences due diligence to your insurer and fire safety officer, as we provide an online client portal where you can download full service history and certification.

We do Just Filters, so let us keep your kitchen running and compliant.

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