, A Packaging Revolution for Accelerated CookingAccelerated ovens deliver huge efficiencies to commercial kitchens, but up until now menu choices have been limited.
SIX500 is the first high performance packaging for use in accelerated ovens, enabling a wider and tastier food range to be delivered to customers.

Disposable packaging is used in accelerated ovens but can only sustain a maximum temperature of 400°F (205°C) and a restricted length of cooking time. SIX500 is the only packaging that can withstand temps of 525°F and for up to six minutes.

The integrity of this packaging unlocks the full potential of accelerated cooking technology by providing:

• Shorter cooking times for a more efficient operation
• A custom laminated food contact surface for clean, easy release of food once cooked
• Quick to cool and handle for staff and customers

Throughout the cooking process, the quality of the ingredients is maintained whether cooking from frozen, chilled or thawed conditions. The end product is produced at the correct consistency and texture with optimal aesthetics.

A wide range of food combinations were included in the testing to support as many dietary requirements as possible including elimination of potential allergen contamination.

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