Running a business can be hard enough, without the hassle of having to visit a bank manager and fill out piles of paperwork, all to justify why you need a loan or overdraft!

In 2007, mainstream banks began tightening up their lending criteria to such a point that many small businesses couldn’t get approved, and they instead started seeking out alternative ways to fund their growth plans and fulfil their full potential.

Fortunately today there are now more options available and business owners aren’t tied to the banks and other traditional funders.

Alternative finance options from Capify

Capify have been providing finance to businesses around the UK for over a decade and during this time, we’ve learnt a lot about the challenges and hurdles that business owners face. We help a variety of different sectors ranging from pubs, bars and restaurants to retailers and hotels. Since our inception in 2008, our priority has been the same, to help business owner’s access valuable finance solutions that work for them.

Our finance products were created to be quick and easy to apply for and simple to pay back. You can choose to use the money for a variety of different business purposes, whether that’s to manage your cash flow, complete a bold refurbishment, purchase additional stock or launch a captivating advertising campaign. Our finance is not tied to a particular use!

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