Adveco AD: Tough, Highly Efficient Commercial Water Heating

Commercial hot water and heating specialist Adveco introduces a new generation of sleekly designed, tough and efficient modulating commercial floor-standing gas condensing water heaters that can be connected directly to a chlorinated mains water supply and will resist the naturally corrosive nature of soft water.

Used in conjunction with a buffer vessel, the AD range of water heaters is designed to meet high semi-instantaneous hot water demands typically seen in hotels, leisure & sports centres, stadia and spas.

Bill Sinclair, technical director, Adveco said, “The titanium-stabilised stainless-steel construction of the AD range’s heat exchangers is the perfect response to counter the concerns of corrosion in soft, or softened water applications. Compact, lightweight yet still powerful, the AD’s patented space-saving design makes it equally applicable to both new projects or renovation work where a lack of space would traditionally stall or quickly drive up costs of a project.”

The range offers models with one to four 70 kW heat exchangers, optimised to supply up to 160 litres/minute of domestic hot water (DHW).The AD can also be configured to operate in a cascade of up to eight water heaters. Models with multiple integrated heat exchangers offer load balancing for optimal long-life operation and inbuilt redundancy guaranteeing continuity of service. Premix burner technology ensures the AD requires less gas, making it more cost- effective, plus helping to reducing harmful NOX and CO emissions.

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