, Airwave Supply Holiday Inn Express, BridgewaterSomerset’s Holiday Inn Express Bridgwater sits moments from the M5, providing excellent transport links to nearby Bristol and handily placed on the route to Devon and Cornwall. As a consequence, the hotel attracts both leisure and business travellers, looking for a convenient place to stay.

Of course, there are certain similarities between both types of traveller, namely the desire to watch non-linear content such as Netflix, YouTube and catch-up services. Alongside a cost-effective and modern entertainment system, Airwave’s brief was to design a system that allows guests to steam their own content onto the room’s TV – allowing them to watch what they want, when they want.

First item on the agenda, a hospitality certified SMART TV. Airwave recommended Samsung’s HGEE690 Series, wall-mounting 138 x 43 inch screens in the guest-rooms.

The implementation of an Otrum CTRL CMS, provides guests with an information and entertainment platform, including smart apps (YouTube, catch-up services etc) and Airwave’s app based movie streaming service.

Giving guests another option, Google Chromecast was implemented within the platform, allowing guests to cast their favourite apps onto the guest-room TV.

“This is another example of our industry’s move away from the sole provision of linear content” said Airwave key account manager David Taylor “on this occasion we provided what may be considered as a cost-effective system, yet were still able to provide a multitude of content, offering a great element of flexibility to the hotel’s guests.”

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