Navigating the intricacies of food allergies and safety regulations can be a daunting challenge for any food producer or business. This is where Allergen Checker steps in, offering a comprehensive solution that not only streamlines compliance but also enhances customer confidence. What truly sets Allergen Checker apart is its innovative QR code system.

In a world driven by convenience, this feature empowers your customers like never before. A quick scan of the QR code, placed conveniently on your menus or a printout of the individual labels for your packaging, opens up a world of accurate allergen information. Customers are no longer left in the dark; they can make informed choices tailored to their dietary needs, fostering trust and loyalty.

Our platform’s significance goes beyond just meeting current labelling regulations, including Natasha’s Law. It anticipates the future with the potential enactment of Owens Law, ensuring your business remains ahead of compliance requirements. With Allergen Checker, you’re not just adapting; you’re thriving in an evolving landscape of food safety.

A Simple 3-Step Process

• Add Ingredients: Begin by seamlessly inputting your ingredients into our user-friendly system. Our platform becomes your virtual food cupboard, housing accurate allergen data for each ingredient. This initial step lays the foundation for precise allergen information.

• Create Dishes: With your ingredients catalogued, crafting dishes becomes a breeze. As you create dishes, Allergen Checker automatically generates detailed allergen information for each one. This real-time accuracy ensures that you’re providing the most up-to-date information to your customers.

• Generate QR Codes & Labels: The magic unfolds as you effortlessly generate QR codes and labels for your dishes and products. These become your bridge to customer transparency and confidence. Place them on menus or packaging, enabling customers to access comprehensive allergen information instantly.
In a world where allergen transparency can make or break a customer’s dining choice, Allergen Checker is your ultimate ally. Join a community of forward-thinking businesses that prioritise safety, build trust, and elevate the dining experience.

Say goodbye to allergen-related stress and hello to a new era of culinary confidence. Explore Allergen Checker today and unlock a safer, more informed, and truly satisfying dining journey.

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