ALMR Supports Scheme To Minimise Passenger Disruption

ALMR-logoThe ALMR has thrown its weight behind a campaign to develop an updated Disruptive Passenger Code of Practice for the UK Aviation Industry.
In association with the: Airport Operators Association, Airport Police Commanders Group, British Air Transport Association and the UK Travel Retail Forum, the ALMR has written to Ministers to set out how the air travel industry can work collectively and individually to further reduce incidents of disruptive behaviour, and act to minimise the impact where they do occur despite the best combined efforts to prevent them.

ALMR Chief Executive Kate Nicholls said: “Pubs and restaurants in airports, much like their counterparts countrywide, take time and trouble to ensure that customers enjoy themselves in a safe and supervised environment. Although the licensing law is different airside, there is no difference in our approach and we actively promote standards of best practice through Best Bar None and high standards of training in responsible retailing. Passengers can, however, buy and consume alcohol at a wide variety of places and it is therefore right that the whole industry takes an holistic approach to tackling potential problems

Pubs and restaurants in airports provide a vital service to passengers setting off on well-earned holidays and our message to them is to drink responsibly. Our members will adopt a zero tolerance approach to disorderly behaviour which has the potential to disrupt travel for other customers, spoil your own plans and potentially make life difficult for venues in future.

“The ALMR remains committed to supporting venues that operate within airports and supporting those staff members who ensure that holidays are enjoyable, memorable and safe for customers. A voluntary Code of Practice will provide assistance for those venues to operate safely and efficiently.”