The AMEREX® Kitchen Protection (KP) fire suppression system is already a staple in commercial kitchens around the world. Amerex innovations make it an easy choice to meet code requirements, keep people and property safe with a dependable system, and give restaurant owners and operators unparalleled ease of use and maintenance for years to come. Plus, Amerex’s KP system meets the rigorous UL 300 standard for fire testing of fire extinguishing systems for protection of commercial cooking equipment required by NFPA guidelines.

From fine dining to fast food chains, the Amerex KP system fire has the components to meet your clients’ needs.

Zone Defense means we’ve got you covered.

KP offers two appliance protection configurations — Appliance Specific, where the appliance location is fixed, and Zone Defense, an overlapping protection configuration that allows kitchen appliances to be moved or replaced without having to move system dis- charge nozzles. Zone Defense future-proofs the kitchen design and allows restaurants to adapt to changing con- sumer tastes or business conditions without repiping the fire system.

KP offers three different fire detection methods — standard thermal link detection or one of two linear

heat detection options, pneumatic heat sensitive tubing or electrical linear heat detection.

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