“Amost Impossible” To Find A Perfect Pint In The UK, According To New Research

BeerDespite the craft beer revolution, it’s still practically impossible to get served a proper pint in Britain, according to a new study.

The research found that, while 92 percent of Brits say a pint is an important and iconic part of British life, nearly 7 out of ten drinkers (69 percent) claim they can’t find a really good pint on a regular basis.

In fact, almost a quarter (22 percent) of British beer lovers think it’s become harder to get a decent pint in the last decade, according to the study by St Austell Brewery’s Proper Job IPA to mark Cask Ale Week, (20-30 September).

As for what mars people’s pint drinking experience, the study found that the top reason given was the price of beer (39 percent), with being served a pint in a dirty glass coming second on the list (38 percent), and beer being the wrong temperature third (32 percent).

And 14 percent of Brits say claim that being with annoying people ruins their pint drinking experience entirely.

Little wonder then, perhaps, that 44 percent of British beer lovers would opt to sup their pint in peace on their own, claiming a pint is not for sharing.

Overall, the study found that the perfect pint has a head of precisely nine millimetres, is served in a PROPER pint glass – and should be enjoyed 5:30 on a Saturday – with your other half, according to a study.

Other components for the PERFECT pint drinking experience, according to British beer lovers, include a packet of crisps, a good catch up with your partner – and mobile phone devices out of sight.

More than six in ten beer aficionados feel strongly that great taste is a vital component to the perfect pint, while 65 percent said the food you eat to accompany a beer was crucial to the enjoyment of the drink, with crisps, curry, burgers and peanuts among the top food selections to partner with a pint.

A spokesman from Proper Job said: “With our research, we wanted to shine a light on what makes a perfect, proper pint.

“At Proper Job we believe that everything should be proper, and for Cask Ale Week we wanted to find out what British beer aficionados say makes a proper pint. Our research reveals that there are many important factors – ranging from who you’re drinking it with, where you’re drinking it and at what time of the day.”

The study found some startling regional differences in pint drinking across the country, with Norwich residents most likely to choose their other half as a ideal drinking companion, while Bristolians would rather have a pint with their mates.

And while those in Cambridge are most likely to opt to enjoy their pint in peace, Manchester drinkers were the most likely to resolutely claim that a pint is not for sharing.

When it comes to the perfect amount of time to spend on a pint, Norwich drinkers sip theirs for the longest – on average 34 mins a pint. Whereas those in Sheffield down them the fastest, stating that 24 mins is the perfect amount of time in which to enjoy a pint.

The research also reveals that a quarter of those from Cambridge (23 percent) say they DON’T want to drink somewhere where the staff know their name, preferring to be left alone. Whereas those in Glasgow are the most sociable on this front, with only 10 percent wanting to be left in peace by bar staff, with the vast majority favouring a ‘Cheers’ environment.

Those in Cambridge are the most likely to say they enjoy a really good pint on a regular basis (54 percent), while those in Belfast the most dissatisfied (only 14 percent say they regularly enjoy a great pint).

As for what mars people’s pint drinking experience, those in Belfast are most likely to blame loud music, while Sheffield residents put it down to the beer being served at the wrong temperature.

And discerning Cambridge drinkers are the most likely to complain about being served a pint in the wrong glass. Whereas those in Birmingham claim it’s a dirty glass that ruins their drinking pleasure.

While those in Oxford blame annoying people in the pub for spoiling their pints, Cardiff drinkers blame people they are with for ruining the vibe.

Good Beer Guide Editor Roger Protz, commented: “In Britain, beer is so much more than just a drink. It’s about the overall experience – good taste, ideally suited food pairings, served in proper pubs by landlords who are obsessed with beer quality and doing things the right way when it comes to the conditioning.

“There are many things to consider when it comes to the essential ingredients of a perfect pint. It’s reassuring to see that Brits are more passionate than ever about the doing things properly when it comes to enjoying beer.”