Are You Looking To Make Your Menus More Sustainable?

Are you looking to make your menus more sustainable? We’re proud to present Grass 95 – a paper that is ecologically responsible without compromising on the print quality!

Grass 95 is a new and exclusive grass-based paper from Online Paper. Give your customers a truly authentic experience by printing your menus, flyers and more on this unique paper. Made from 70% FSC wood pulp & 30% grass pulp, Grass 95 is recyclable, compostable and eco-friendly. It has a wonderful look and feel that will add credibility to environmentally conscious restaurants and businesses.

With one side of the paper coated for inkjet printers and the reverse optimised for laser printers, Grass 95 is a fully versatile paper that can suit any restaurant or office setup. Achieve fantastic prints with rich, crisp text and detailed images on any printer. You’re guaranteed to produce high quality results without the large costs and time-restraints of outsourcing your printing, keeping both sustainability and economics at the forefront.

Don’t have a printer yet but thinking about bringing one into your business? As suppliers of Canon printers and ink, Online Paper can help get you set up. The team have a wealth of knowledge and can answer any questions on the world of paper and printing whilst finding you the best prices.

Call Online Paper on 01892 771245 to discuss your requirements or request a free sample of Grass 95. You can also visit to explore the whole range of products.