The difficulty in finding and keeping good employees in our industry has seen an unusually high interest in our products. A cutlery polisher used to be seen as a luxury item for those requiring a higher quality finish to their cutlery than hand polishing, now it’s seen as a must-have as most restaurants are operating with reduced labour which is costly.

Taking washed, still wet cutlery, handfuls at a time are placed into the polisher where the cutlery is immersed in a bed of crushed corn. This corn absorbs water and polishes the cutlery for 30 seconds before exiting under a UV lamp (which kills bacteria and viruses including Covid19) ready to place on the table.

It will polish a basket of washed cutlery in 2 minutes (up to 3500 per hour for our mid-sized polisher). With a rental cost of just £3.57 per day, it’s less than 20 minutes of staff time so it’s worth looking at your costs and seeing if we can be of service to you.

You can see a video of the polisher working on our website at

Our Glass Polisher is the same process and although it’s quicker than hand polishing, the benefits are more about health and safety. Some thin glasses are impossible to hand polish safely with good results, our Glass Polisher can safely polish with impressive results. 5 spinning brushes polish both the inside and outside of the glass, hot air is continuously blown so the brushes remain dry allowing the same brushes to be used all day long. The quality of polishing makes a great difference when glasses are on display.

Our all-inclusive, noncontract rental plan is risk-free and will save on costs during the unprecedented times our industry is currently facing. If a rental scheme isn’t for you, you can purchase with a 2-year no-quibble full parts and labour warranty.

We have been doing this since 1999, some customers have had the same machine since we first started, serviced regularly the Nicem cutlery polisher will last pretty much indefinitely. We still offer a free trial if the above is of interest, just contact us; at or 01474 873 892

For those reading who have a Nicem Cutlery polisher, our grain and service deal runs until the end of October 2022, contact us for more information.
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