Gelato is more than just ice-cream – it’s a pure taste of Italy.

A truly artisan treat, Ariela’s Gelato is the perfect way to indulge in an authentic dessert that is as delicious as it is decadent.

Made with only the finest ingredients, our Gelato is never loaded with artificial additives and preservatives. Instead, we make sure that you are receiving the healthiest, most natural Gelato in keeping with Italian tradition. And unlike mass-produced ice-cream, artisan Gelato is carefully crafted from the heart.

When you forget tradition, you lose taste; and without the artisan, you lose the art. But with Ariela’s Gelato, you experience – and can taste – a true labour of love.

Ariela’s Gelato was born out of a desire to recreate a world that was taken for granted back in Italy. For founder and owner Ariela Cesana, after moving to London, it was impossible to get a true taste of home: “I was so frustrated when I couldn’t find a Gelato in London like the one I grew up with – so I decided to just make it myself!” And since 2006, Ariela has been on a journey to bring the luxurious taste of Italy to the UK.

Made in small batches using only the purest, highest-quality ingredients, our Gelato uses the same traditional processes that can only be found in an authentic Italian Gelateria for a truly artisan, lovingly crafted, authentic Italian Gelato.

What really sets Ariela’s Gelato apart is the artistry and expertise that can only come from true experience and passion. The base of our Gelato is pasteurised, poured into batch freezers, churned, then extracted and decorated by hand, one by one, flavour by flavour.

Care goes into everything we do to make sure you and our customers receive the truest Gelato experience, and when it comes to creating our range, we’ve been passionate about pursuing perfection. Each flavour is a carefully crafted blend of natural ingredients that have been painstakingly tried and tested to ensure you get flavour, not flavourings.