As hoteliers navigate the swings between lockdowns and reduced capacity, and reopening floors, preparing rooms, and accepting more guests, they will need to take extra steps to ensure the safety of those guests and the employees who serve them.

Key to that safety will be ensuring that sleeping rooms, conference areas, lobbies and lounges are cleaned and sanitised. While sanitising surfaces is just a small part of combatting the prevalence of COVID-19, hotels need to prove to guests that their facility is safe place to stay.

Too often, monitoring of cleaning effectiveness has relied on visual inspection.This, of course, cannot detect unseen microbes. Cleaning and sanitation monitoring technology that uses adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the energy-releasing molecule found in every living cell, has been adopted by hotels and other industries to monitor cleaning effectiveness. ATP monitors provide, in as little as 10 seconds, quantitation of the overall ability of cleaning chemicals and crews using them to clean a surface.

One study estimates that 33 percent of the ATP picked up by monitoring is microbial in origin. Surfaces will vary according to sources of contamination and frequency of contact but reducing ATP levels often is enough to reduce infection. Hygiena’s EnSURE™ Touch ATP Monitoring System uses the UltraSnap™ test to collect samples from virtually any surface, delivering actionable, reliable results in seconds. Its portability and ability to upload to SureTrend cloud-based software lets you track and trace progress, without leaving the room!

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