Sangria Solsueño, an authentic Spanish sangria, is now available in a 330ml slimline can, bringing a ray of liquid sunshine to the UK market and beyond.

Crafted in the Denominacion de Origen protected region of Jumilla in Murcia, Spain, Solsueño is a 5% abv, bright red, easy-drinking liquid, and is instantly recognisable as a genuine sangria.

Tim Smith of Solsueño explains, “the advantages of a ready-made liquid are consistency, time saved in preparation and no wastage.

Solsueño is ideal for all indoor and outdoor settings, available as a single-serve reflecting modern consumption patterns and in a format which is innovative and convenient. It can, of course, be added to a jug for the sharing experience with ice and fruit’’
Solsueño is vegan, gluten free and uses only natural ingredients, plus is packaged in an eco-friendly can format.

With high awareness levels of sangria amongst UK consumers, and the travel challenges faced in recent years, Solsueño is bringing a much-needed taste of Spain to the UK!

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